Automation & HR, time to marry them

June 19, 2017
Automation & HR

Automation offers a value proposition for the HR. Rather than the ‘Robots are coming to steal our jobs’ scenario’, Automation should be viewed more as an opportunity for technology to augment HR employees’ day-to-day activities.

The buzz around automation in HR may lead you to believe AI will take all of HR jobs and technological singularity is on the horizon. Instead, talent acquisition HR and automation are joining together to bring together the best of both the worlds for a new beginning.

Human resources rely heavily on unique human capabilities. Even as HR managers may be seduced by the apparent advantage of automation in relentless pursuit of lower costs and greater productivity, the Human in Human Resource will prevail and likely co-exist to deliver the competitive advantage. It is because, in-spite of the advanced technology and its ability to perform standardized processes and acts, the human strength of judgement, empathy provide a superior value proposition.

While most workplaces in the near future will be staffed by a combination of machines powered by AI and robots that will match or exceed human capabilities, there will still be insistence that certain tasks and decisions remain in the hands of human.  Consider how airport automated check-in kiosks facilitate Airlines ticket counters, ATM replaced the cashier or mobile apps that replaced boarding passes or how deep learning takes on high-level tasks such as writing news articles and interpreting radiology scans, similarly majority of HR jobs will be redefined using AI to ensure that a major share of the HR role and responsibilities are automated using deep learning technologies.

Automation and HR – Time to Marry Them:

The approach towards automation, that it aims to take away the mundane, routine elements of HR people’s jobs and free them up for creating a more rewarding employee- employer experience has yet to come to pass in many organizations.

However, what is more likely to emerge instead of robots eliminating the HR human workforce is a cohesive hybrid approach where automation and HR will integrate to enhance productivity of HR process, enhance recruiter’s efficiency. Thus, HR automation and human element in Human Resource will marry to transform the HR department into a unison that stands for (H) – Human (R)- Robots rather than the prevailing Human Resource practice.

According to a recent McKinsey & Co. research, as many as 45 percent of work activities could be automated, thus freeing the HR to focus on more productive activities like human skill development, creating a great employee experience and more. The research highlights that rather than the entire HR being automated in entirety, certain activities are more likely to be automated, requiring entire business process to be transformed and jobs redefined, like how ATMs redefined the job of bank cashier.

With automation carrying out the tedious yet critical administrative tasks which facilitates secure, error-free and immediate access to information, the HR can thus focus to increase the asset value of human capital. HR can now invest in deeply understanding not only talent management processes but also organization’s strategy and business model.

From addressing grievances to giving more personalized attention on how employees spend their time, talent and energy, the HR will be able to work as a catalyst to enhance the ultimate asset of your organization – your business, thus in some ways break off its less-than-flattering stereotype image of being administrators. Given the shortage of competitive skills and war for talent, HR can now train employees and help them align their personal goals with organization’s goals and vision. Thus, HR will be able to play vital role in helping the organization make the best use of its human capital.

Radical Change – HR At Tipping Point

If you are part of the traditional Human Resource set-up where paperwork plays a prominent role, you may be overwhelmed by managing employee files that include various documents like personnel records, case management, tax and benefit information, not to mention also overseeing other core HR functions like onboarding/ offboarding, routine administration, and ensuring employee experience.

With an effective HR automation in place, you are easily able to overcome many of the challenges related to information management while also become more efficient and compliant. Thus, by automating the HR process, it frees your staff from tedious manual tasks, allowing your HR department to focus on more employee engagement. Here’s are the key benefits of automation for HR:

Efficient Automation Efficient HR:

HR automation structures workflow of HR processes relevant to your industry. Whether it is employee onboarding, employee offboarding or chalking benefits enrolment, it automatically routes documents requiring processing to the right people at the right time. It helps you track, monitor and manage various steps of each process in real time from a centralized dashboard while notifying individual departments and appropriate personnel by automating manual tasks

Anytime Access to Information

HR automation makes finding information when you need easy. Since documents are stored in an electronic repository, information can be retrieved instantly securely and immediately using different channels. Not only is access to information simplified, it is also available anytime and anywhere by maintaining a seamless standard management.

HR Automation Help Secure HR

An efficient HR automation system streamlines HR processes, improves compliance and strengthens security. Thus, not only do they improve the organization’s efficiency, but also mitigate the risks to an organization.

By marrying automation with HR, you can improve workplace productivity, improve reliability and data security as also reducing overall overheads and costs that results into maximizing overall business efficiency in the ultra-competitive marketplace.

Automation & HR, time to marry them

June 19, 2017

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