How HR Bots Enagages, Empowers And Transforms HR

September 8, 2017

Research shows HR spends 30-50% of time responding to internal questions!

“Hey Siri! I want to file a leave for tomorrow. The HR Bot replies, until when? I reply, Friday. Siri again asks, “What type of leave? Vacation or Sick?” Vacation, I say and within a second I get a pop-up alert that says, ‘You’re leave request until Friday is sent to your reporting manager for approval. You’ll shortly receive an alert on the status”. This is no sci-fic, the HR Bots are here to dominate the day.
Consider the case of Rakesh, who’s just shifted into a new neighborhood and wants to update his address in the system. Rather than schedule a meeting with HR, fill a form, submit it and wait a week for the confirmation process, Rakesh simply uses the HR bot to update the system profile in few seconds.
HR involves a vast number of repetitive administrative processes in each of its core areas. HR-Bot together with HRMS enable a wider application and help HR eliminate the enormous fatigue and drudgery by automating the administrative tasks through HR-Bots.


From automated responses to guiding onboarding, HR Bots help HR tackle the low hanging fruit and deliver higher efficiency to HR in your company. HR Chatbots already have a strong presence in India through Jinie by PeopleStrong, EVA by HDFC,, Amber, JLT Bot by Ramco and many more. So why should you consider HR ChatBots for your company?

Leave and Attendance:

Routine functions like leaves and attendance, are often considered cumbersome and sore spot for HR and employees alike.
HR Bot is a better way of attendance tracking. From stress-free employee arrival tracking system, reviewing and approving time-off requests in real-time to tracking employee vacation or even keeping everyone notified about upcoming holidays, HR Bots simplify it all.
It brings employee at the center stage and keeps all members of the team on the same page. Given the ease of using an HR chatbot, employees and HR people will no longer find routine tasks a chore.

Optimize the recruitment process

One of the hardest task companies face is hiring the best people. HR Bots help you optimize recruitment so you spend more time on high-value activities rather than lose time in email ping-pong and inefficient processes. A number of companies are incorporating chatbots into their recruitment process to evaluate summaries, send letters on basis of interviews to search potential candidates. Popular chatbots like Applyr help you screen and schedule candidates automatically so you engage with and select with quality candidate the very first time.

Onboarding and Offboarding:

HR Chatbot simplifies and enhances efficiency of both these milestones through step-by-step instructions while also making the new employee feel comfortable. Chatbots are especially relevant for millennials and help answer their questions in real-time. Over a period of time, as your HR Bot becomes smarter over time and learns to answer questions frequently asked by new/ old employees, it frees your HR team for more strategic tasks.

Making Inbound Enquiries Easier:

Gone are the days when the employee had to go to the HR for simple queries. Instead now the employee can simply trigger an interaction and ask the bot to get it done in a fraction of seconds. Your employees can also reach out to HR chatbots for quick and accurate reply to internal queries. Further, they can easily update their profile with HR’s intervention. They just need to ask the bot and it will be done immediately.
Wouldn’t you to make your employees feel valued with an intuitive and engaging HR Bot? That too without huge investment? Boost efficiency of your HR managers with speedy resolution of HR-related queries and concerns? Contact our experts at HRINNOVA today to make it happen.

How HR Bots Enagages, Empowers And Transforms HR

September 8, 2017

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