HR Driving Digital Transformation

June 21, 2017
HR Driving Digital Transformation

Today, the role of HR in an organization is not just functional but transformational. It’s important for HR to play on the front foot to proactively lead the technology centered cultural shift and drive digital transformation.

Traditional businesses are often plagued by hierarchical structures and consensus driven thinking, therefore upgrading technology is not sufficient to achieve digital transformation. What it requires is a complete cultural shift and a different trajectory. The one thing that digitally advanced organizations have one in common is that they are led by leaders who embraced digital transformation by building a culture around it and empowering their people to pursue it.

Thus, the key to a successful digital transformation is organization’s cultural evolution and its ability to build a mindset that supports and nurtures innovation. The HR is in best position to achieve this and must partner the CEO to drive organizational change.

HR department therefore has a new mandate to lead digital transformation and emerge as a brand builder, communication expert, marketer to build the employer brand so that the business remains competitive in attracting and retaining best talent.

HR Driving Digital Transformation

Driven by a digital mindset that is unique interplay of technology, people and processes, a digital business is data driven, collaborative and more fluid where leaders are open to learn, unlearn and relearn in-order to stay competitive. Rather than an extension of the traditional business. It seeks to disrupt the traditional ways of doing work, breaking down silos, hierarchies for a more fluid and networked organization.

The human resource department is expected to break barriers and move from paper-processing to its role as a strategic partner. With a focus on innovation and the aim to support the ultimate business goal, HR now must identify new ways of engaging employees, managing the data transition to the cloud, hiring right talent to drive transformation efforts and infuse a technology-driven cultural shift.

The time is ripe for HR managers to move beyond transactional management and switch gears as an enabler and accelerator of business transformation. HR can use technology to vastly increase the efficiency of HR processes and pave way for a greater digital transformation within the business. It starts by automating the HR process and since HR is itself the influencer, decision maker for investing and executing HR automation, HR must lead by example.

Automation of HR Operational Process

HR automation plays an instrumental role by helping streamline HR processes to drive efficiency. By digitizing tedious HR processes and revamping how employee workforce is managed, HR can focus on rethinking core HR operations, transform HR strategy with a digital approach and expedite digital transformation.

Choosing leading HR automation solutions like HRINNOVA that offer a simple, customizable and scalable increases organization’s efficiency and helps boost productivity.  Moreover, with administrative HR processes off their shoulder, HR can focus on strategic HR issues like talent management, employee training and development that will drive greater business growth and impact.

Culture of Performance Development Through Collaboration:

HR need to facilitate a culture of innovation by more empowerment and less supervision. Talent is undoubtedly a differentiator and the onus is on the HR to create an innovative, rewarding employee experience. With the aim of encouraging team work, collaboration and trust across the organization, HR managers must work towards breaking silos of business units, geography, culture, skill-sets and departments. Thus, by helping employees achieve their highest potential through training and development programs, on- going dialogues or calendar events HR play the role of a growth catalyst for their most critical asset, their people and the organization. Therefore, the HR must focus on enhancing its human capital and aligning their goals with organization’s goals.

Driving Digital Mindset & Revolution

Driving a digital mindset that supports and adds momentum to digital transformation is yet another critical role of HR. From educating, engaging and empowering their ‘traditional’ colleagues to hiring right skilled talent to drive transformation efforts, HR dawns the role of mentorship to steer the organization as change agents who drive digital transformation.

The pursuit of digital transformation is a continuous journey where companies must evolve through digital strategies and initiatives.

HR Driving Digital Transformation

June 21, 2017

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