Why HR Automation is Your Best Asset in 2017

June 19, 2017
Why HR Automation is Your Best Asset in 2017

The HR exists no more. Not as you knew it! It’s the new profit center.

According to a CareerBuilder research, AI and Automation will have a major impact on HR and employment  over the next few years. HR managers who do not fully automate say they lose an average of 14 hours a week manually completing tasks that could be automated; more than a quarter (28 percent) waste 20 hours or more, and 1 in 10 (11 percent) spend 30 hours or more.

Advanced technologies like big data, AI, predictive analytics and mobile have transformed every function of an organization and HR in its entirety is not left untouched. Unlike the traditional HR system that was caught between paperwork bottlenecks and restricted in scope, today automated workflow processes are changing HR function from a passive support system to a dynamic player at the C-suite table.

Why HR Automation Is Your Next Big Asset

HR department had since long been in the thick of thin things. Burdened with mundane transactional administrative tasks while barely getting sufficient time to carry out HR practices. Leading HRIS like HRINNOVA deliver comprehensive HRMS solutions by leveraging emerging technologies like Social, Analytics, Cloud and Mobile (SACMI) for accuracy, more transparency, and efficiency across the organization. Here are other key benefits of HR automation for your organization:

Recruiting & Hiring the Right Talent:

According to a latest LinkedIn research, more than 52% of talent acquisition leaders say that the most difficult part of their job is screening the right candidates from a large applicant pool. HR automated solutions ensures a less-labor intensive on-boarding process and streamlines candidate search and screening process through a more professional interaction with the candidate. HR Automation leverages AI technology or even predictive analytics to screen candidates or even conduct background check.

Makes a Great First Impressions with Engaging Onboarding

First impressions count! research suggest that an employee decides to leave or stay with the organization within the first 90 days. From managing their career aspirations, attitudes towards work as well as the willingness to move on quickly if their needs are not met together present one of the biggest challenge to an organization.

A well-designed, fun and engaging automated onboarding process ensures that new hires are quickly and efficiently inducted without much paperwork unlike in past when onboarding was very form-intensive and required tons of paperwork. IBM uses a cognitive bot named CHIP to deliver intelligent onboarding of its new 85k + workforce through IBM Watson Talent solutions and deep learning. HR automation thus expedites employee onboarding and makes it more efficient.

Helps Saves Time and Money

The streamlined automatic process from recruiting, hiring to onboarding to eventually offboarding help save time and money on the routine time-consuming routine HR tasks. Not only does this reduce the frustration but also does away with the in-efficient HR practices. By reducing the work-load of routine tasks that an average HR employee handles, the HR department can focus on delivering a better work experience and focus on improving employee productivity and higher retentions. HR automation streamlines processes with centralized and standardized forms and SOPs, thus making it easy to tack documentation, identify bottlenecks in real time and ensure quick process. HR automation further also helps save costs and bring noticeable improve productivity in all areas of HR operations.

Improve Decision Making

HRMS delivers real-time analytics and high-quality accurate organizational data readily available to the management always which makes it possible to take informed decision and improve decision making. Due to constant access and monitoring of critical HR metrics, HRMS make it possible to perform tasks better and thus expedite decision making.

Improves HR Productivity by Reducing Errors and Compliance  

HRMS makes life easier for HR people and simultaneously reduces risk of errors and compliance issues. It offers better privacy controls and improves process across geographical locations while taking into consideration region specific laws, rules and compliances. By streamlining core HR functions, automation improves HR productivity and significantly reduce the administrative burden from the HR.

With more critical man hours at their hands, HR now has more time to plan, think and keep tabs on latest best practices in HR, and introduce them in the organization. Moreover, they can utilize the time to connect with business, employees, educating themselves on the company’s products/services, learning the industry, and networking outside the walls of your office. Thus, automation is the key in finding efficiencies in HR process.

Did you know that NASA’s newest employee isn’t human! Named ‘Washington’, it’s a bot that helps NASA’s HR department with automated data-shuffling. It thus frees up HR staff for more complex, data related tasks.

HR is riddled with complexities and growth pressure. Employees have become more tech savvy and independent, and while organizations are implementing BOYD to engage with them more effectively, the need for a simple, intuitive HRMS system is greater than ever. You don’t be left out because as AI and automation becomes deeply embedded into each industry, lack of HR automation can have a crippling impact on your business. Discover how you too can transform your HR into a profit center by choosing HRINNOVA –  the leading HRMS choice of startups and SMBs.

Why HR Automation is Your Best Asset in 2017

June 19, 2017

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