• On Boarding

    On boarding

    First impression matters! HRINNOVA streamlines the complete on-boarding process for smooth transition. Paperless onboarding to automated notifications/emails to asset allocation, we make employee onboarding a breezy affair.

  • Attendance Management

    Attendance Management

    Make your employee’s presence count! HRINNOVA simplifies time, attendance and productivity tracking to empower your employees so they manage their time better. Track time and attendance with timesheets, admin dashboard and self-correcting mode puts you in complete command.

  • Training


    Nurture a culture of continuous learning & development with HRINNOVA to build a skilled workforce. Help your employees realize their potential to boost their performance and engagement. Deliver virtual learning, exams, certifications and compliance to close skill gap.

  • Performance Management System

    Performance Management System

    Empower employees with valuable data and insights using automated review cycles, assessment tools, appreciation, ongoing feedback. HRINNOVA offers managers a richer understanding of the workforce to nurture high performance and develop greater potential.

  • Project

    Project Management

    Track time to track your success! HRINNOVA is your tool for agile project tracking. Discover SCRUM & KANBAN boards, Task workflow customization and project scheduling that is not just flexible, it’s also more efficient.

  • Payroll


    HRINNOVA is more than the next generation full-service payroll, it is more capable and versatile. Discover a whole new level of performance with features like unified HR and payroll, Investment declaration, Tax computation & projection, Loan and Reimbursement.

  • Exit Management

    Exit Management

    On successfully on boarding an employee, Hrinnova automatically fetches data from the recruitment portal ensuring smooth employee enrolment, helps to generate login credentials, send emails and alerts, upload e-docs and manage the complete on boarding process.

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